Consumer Fraud Complaint Filed Against Retailer Bed Bath Beyond Inc

Consumer Fraud News Alert

A consumer complaint was filed in the District Court of New Jersey on Wednesday, April 12, 2006 against billion dollar retailer Bed, Bath & Beyond, Inc. and manufacturer, Synergy, Inc. for deceptive and misleading claims in the manufacture, marketing, and sale of bed linens and bed sheets.

The suit alleges that consumers were being told that certain 600 thread count or 1000 thread count, when, in fact, the bed linens and bed sheets contained a far less thread count amount. The thread count is a primary factor for consumers in buying bed sheets and bed linens and they are willing to pay more for higher thread counts. We are currently investigating claims that Bed Bath Beyond, Inc and Synergy, Inc. as well as other retailers and manufacturers of bed sheets and bed linens have failed to adequately disclose to the consumer the proper thread counts.

If you believe that you may have been a victim of similar fraudulent activity or deceptive business practices, please contact us.

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