Dangerous Sticky Gas Pedals Pose Serious Car Accident Risk

The Certified Civil Trial Attorneys at Keefe Law Firm are prepared to provide legal representation to individuals who have been injured due to a Toyota car with a defective accelerator pedal. Many different models of Toyota vehicles may have sticky gas pedals that can pose a serious car accident risk. Defective accelerator pedals on Toyota cars can become worn, making the gas pedal hard to press down and slow to return, or the gas pedal can become stuck to the car floor. A jammed gas pedal can lead to unintended car acceleration that can render the driver out of control of a runaway Toyota car and can result in a fatal auto accident. The recall was prompted by a fatal crash involving a runaway Lexus car that killed a California Highway Patrol Officer and his family. The driver of the runaway Toyota car told 911 that his Toyota car accelerator was stuck and he was unable to stop the car, which was speeding at 120 mph before crashing into an SUV, flying off an embankment, and bursting into flames, killing the entire family.

When a defect, such as a sticky car accelerator pedal, makes a car unsafe and individuals are injured or harmed, there is often a legal product liability claim. However, product liability laws are complex and car accident victims need an experienced and highly qualified law firm to achieve maximum recovery.

Why has Keefe Law Firm been the law firm of choice for thousands of injury victims in New Jersey and Nationwide?

A key member of Keefe Law Firm co-authored the definitive book on New Jersey Liability Law: N.J. Product Liability and Toxic Tort Law.

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The attorneys and staff at Keefe Law Firm are friendly, responsive, and dedicated to providing compassionate service every step of the way. At Keefe Law Firm, you are more than just a case; you are a person who needs the best help and guidance we can offer.

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