Graco High Chairs

Attorneys Investigate Injuries Due to Defective Graco High Chairs

The defective product attorneys at Keefe Law Firm are investigating cases of children injured by Graco high chairs that tip over due to a manufacturing defect. Graco high chair tip-overs have already resulted in injuries, including bumps and bruises to the head, a fracture to the arm and cuts, and bumps and bruises and scratches to the body.

If you or someone you know has a child that has been injured by a Graco high chair, contact Keefe Law Firm immediately for a free consultation, or call us toll free at 1-877-ATTY-247

Screws holding the front legs of the Harmony models of Graco high chairs can become loose and actually fall out, posing a serious danger to infants and toddlers. Graco has received hundreds of reports of screws loosening or falling out of the high chairs. For a complete list of the recalled models and to order a repair kit, go to the Graco Baby Site

High chairs are the latest defective product from baby product giant Graco. In January, the defective product attorneys at Keefe Law Firm took on several serious cases of child fingertip injuries due to Graco Strollers.

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