News Update: Number Of Artelon CMC Thumb Spacer Cases Continues To Increase. First Trials Against The Manufacturer Are Slated To Begin Later This Year.

We are not presently accepting new Artelon claims at this time.
Dozens of cases have been filed against the Artimplant AB, the Swedish manufacturer of the device, as well as Small Bone Innovations, who distributed the device here in the United States. Hundreds more could be filed, with the first cases heading to trial later this year.
Artelon CMC spacer implants were developed to treat symptoms associated with early to middle stage osteoarthritis at the base of a patient’s thumb. The spacer is comprised of woven Artelon fibers, a plastic like gauze, and forms a T-Shaped mesh which is inserted into the joint between the thumb and wrist. According to the manufacturer, the Artelon CMC implant is bio-compatible and degradable, and is designed to dissolve in the thumb over a period of years.
The manufacturer claims that patients with the Artelon CMC implants in their thumb joints should experience joint stability, minimal pain and short recovery times as compared to alternative treatments. However, shortly after the surgeons began implanting the spacer, numerous complaints filed with the FDA showed a high level of complications and device failures.
“Studies have shown that these devices fail at a very high rate, attorney said, “the risks of implanting this device far outweigh the potential rewards, especially in light of the tendon interposition arthroplasty alternative, which has been used successfully by surgeons for decades prior to the use of the Artelon spacer.”
According to reports, patients with Artelon spacers may experience serious and debilitating side effects, including pain, swelling, redness, limitation on range of motion, weakness in grip strength, and sometimes grinding sensations when moving the joint.

In some cases, patients have been forced to undergo an additional surgery, known as a revision, to remove the failed device. In extreme cases, patients have required emergency surgery when the implant fractured in the joint space resulting in permanent injuries, limitations and even disability. It may be necessary to undergo multiple surgeries to correct damage caused by the spacer implant.
Patients experiencing pain, inflammation and or swelling should contact their doctors immediately.

Patients who have experienced issues caused by an Artelon CMC spacer may be entitled to compensation for their medical bills, wage loss, and pain and suffering. The attorneys at Keefe Law Firm are representing dozens of patients who have had an Artelon CMC spacer implantation and suffered an injury as a result. Claims are filed only against the manufacturer and the distributor of the Artelon spacer, and not the implanting surgeons.
“Obviously the doctors would not have used the Artelon spacer if they knew there was such a high likelihood of device failure,” attorney said, “They did nothing wrong.”

If you or a loved one has experienced issues following an Artelon CMC thumb spacer, please contact our offices today here by calling 1-877-ATTY-24-7 to speak to a representative. All consultations are 100% free of charge.

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