FDA Recall of Hydroxycut a popular dietary supplement linked to liver damage and othermedical problems

The trial lawyers at Keefe Law Firm are investigating recent news concerning the recall and FDA warning released on May 1, 2009 to consumers to immediately stop using Hydroxycut products sold by Iovate Health Sciences USA Inc. of Blasdell, New York and Ontario, Canada.  Hydroxycut is a popular dietary supplement taken by many consumers to help with weight loss.  Hydroxycut is available in many forms including caplets, liquid caplets, drink packets, and ready-to-drink containers.

The Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) had received 23 reports of serious health problems related to the use of Hydroxycut.  The medical complications associated with the use of Hydroxycut included:

–  Jaundice (a yellowish discoloration of the skin and the whites of the eyes)
–  Elevated liver enzymes which are a potential sign of liver problems
– Liver damage, which may require a liver transplant, or lead to death in the case of liver failure

One of the reported Hydroxycut cases included a fatality due to liver failure.  The reported Hydroxycut cases involving liver injuries were from consumers following the recommended dosage indicated on the product labels.  The FDA “urges consumers to discontinue use of Hydroxycut products in order to avoid any undue risk.”

Symptoms of liver injury may include jaundice, brown urine, vomiting, nausea, light colored stool, excessive fatigue, weakness, stomach/abdominal pain, itching, and loss of appetite.  If you or someone you know is using Hydroxycut products and is experiencing any of these symptoms, you should contact a medical physician immediately and stop using Hydroxycut at once.

In this era where weight loss is a major concern in our population, Hydroxycut products are increasingly growing in popularity and use.  These products are sold as dietary supplements marketed to innocent consumers as fat burners, weight loss helpers, energy enhancers and low carbohydrate diet aids.  According to the FDA, Iovate Health Sciences USA Inc. sold more than 9 million unites of Hydroxycut products, which were widely distributed at heath food stores, grocery stores and pharmacies.

Iovate Health Sciences USA Inc. voluntarily recalled the Hydroxycut products it sells in the United States after the FDA revealed the 23 reported Hydroxycut cases associated with liver-related problems.  The recalled products are sold in multiple count caplet/capsule boxes and bottles.  The current list of recalled products from Iovate Health Sciences USA Inc. includes the following:


631656893649 Hydroxycut 140ct Cap US
631656833621 Hydroxycut 60 GNC US
631656600988 Hydroxycut 300ct Caplets US
631656890129 Hydroxycut 36ct Cap US “with CARDS”
631656282245 Hydroxycut 160ct Cap US *Discontinued*
631656873214 Hydroxycut 58ct Cap US
631656813418 Hydroxycut 70ct Cap US
631656808612 Hydroxycut 70ct Caps US *Discontinued*
631656808117 Hydroxycut 100 cap US *Discontinued*
631656818642 Hydroxycut 140ct Cap US *Discontinued*
631656882414 Hydroxycut 80ct Caps US *Discontinued*
631656843262 Hydroxycut 210ct Cap US
631656828665 Hydroxycut 210 cap US *Discontinued*
631656600582 Hydroxycut 60ct + 1 Hydroxycut Sachet WB US
631656600476 Hydroxycut 72ct + Hydroxycut Sachet WB US
631656600483 Hydroxycut 100ct Caplets US
631656600506 Hydroxycut 150ct Caplets US
631656601251 Hydroxycut 170 Caplets US
631656600452 Hydroxycut 30ct Caplets US


631656600650 Hydroxycut Hardcore 120ct US
631656600834 Hydroxycut Hardcore 210ct US
631656001778 Hydroxycut Hardcore 30ct US
631656601435 Hydroxycut Hardcore 252ct US
631656601848 Hydroxycut Hardcore 30ct US Trial – Bodybuilding.com
631656601749 Hydroxycut Hardcore 120ct US NEW
631656601763 Hydroxycut Hardcore 252ct US
631656601756 Hydroxycut Hardcore 210ct US NEW


631656801224 Hydroxycut Caffeine Free 140ct Cap US
631656821246 Hydroxycut Caffeine Free 330ct Cap US
631656801217 Hydroxycut Caffeine Free 100ct Cap US
631656801231 Hydroxycut Caffeine Free 58ct Cap US
631656899122 Hydroxycut Caffeine Free 36ct Cap US
631656600544 Hydroxycut Caffeine Free 60ct US
631656600551 Hydroxycut Caffeine Free 72ct US
631656600568 Hydroxycut Caffeine Free 100ct US


631656601466 Hydroxycut Max 120ct bonus + 1Hyd Max Sachet WB US
631656601633 Hydroxycut Max 210ct Bonus + 1 Hyd Max Sachet WB US


631656860191 Hydroxycut Weight Loss Drink Mix 21pk Sachet – Wild Berry US
631656860313 Hydroxycut Weight Loss Drink Mix 21pk Sachet – Country Lemonade US


631656701326 Hydroxycut Hardcore Drink Mix 2.7g Sachet – Blue Raspberry US
631656701319 Hydroxycut Hardcore Drink Mix 2.6g Sachet – Fruit Punch US
631656760118 Hydroxycut Hardcore Drink Mix 40pk x 2g Sachet – Fruit Punch US
631656760125 Hydroxycut Hardcore Drink Mix 40pk x 2g Sachet – Blue Raspberry US


631656760095 Hydroxycut Caffeine Free Drink Mix 21pk x 3.6g Sachet – Raspberry Ice US


631656860375 Hydroxycut Max Drink Mix 40pk x 2.4g Sachet – Wild Berry US
631656860382 Hydroxycut Max Drink Mix 40pk x 2.7g Sachet – Lemonade US


631656800159 Hydroxycut Weight Loss Single Shot 2oz – Wild Berry US
631656860207 Hydroxycut Weight Loss Shot 2 x 2oz Pk – Wild Berry US
631656860498 Hydroxycut Instant Weight Loss Shot 12 x 2oz – Wild berry US


631656601855 Hydroxycut Max Aqua Shed 60ct Capsules US


631656860436 Hydroxycut Hardcore 4 x8oz RTD – Grape Infusion US
631656860399 Hydroxycut Hardcore 4 x 8oz RTD – Triple WildBerry US
631656860665 Hydroxycut Hardcore 12-pack RTD – Grape Infusion US
631656860467 Hydroxycut Hardcore 3 x 4-pack RTD – Grape Infusion US
631656860443 Hydroxycut Hardcore 3 x 4-pack RTD – Triple Wildberry US
631656860443 Hydroxycut Hardcore 3 x 4-pack RTD – Triple Wildberry US
631656860568 Hydroxycut Hardcore 12-pack RTD – Triple Wildberry US


631656600933 Hydroxycut 24 (96 caps/ blister pack) US


631656800036 Hydroxycut Carb Control 58ct Cap US
631656800029 Hydroxycut Carb Control 100ct Cap US
631656800012 Hydroxycut Carb Control 140ct Cap US


631656600889 Hydroxycut Natural 100ct US

As other recalls by different companies and/or the FDA may follow, consumers should remain well informed and carefully monitor the FDA alerts and website to ensure that they are not using any of the potentially dangerous Hydroxycut products.  Additional information concerning the Hydroxycut product recall and medical problems associated with the use of Hydroxycut can be found at http://www.fda.gov/oc/opacom/hottopics/hydroxycut/ .

If you think that you or someone you know may have been injured as a result of using Hydroxycut products, please contact the attorneys at our law firm.  Our trial lawyers are experienced in products liability injury cases and aggressively represent our clients.

Products liability law protects all consumers from the known, and oftentimes undisclosed, dangerous risks of harm and injury posed by harmful and defective products.  If the continuing investigation reveals and confirms that the use of Hydroxycut products caused liver-related injuries, then the sellers and manufacturer of this drug/product may be legally responsible for the injuries and harms caused by these dangerous, harmful and defective products.

The product liability lawyers at Keefe Law Firm are hard at work doing their part to protect people from harmful and dangerous products exposing innocent consumers to unreasonable risks of harm and injury which could and should have been prevented by the sellers and manufacturers.  If you or someone you know is using Hydroxycut products and have experienced any symptoms of liver injury, you may have a legal claim or lawsuit related to these defective products.  Contact the trial attorneys at Keefe Law Firm to see if they can help you.

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