BREAKING NEWS: Nationwide Meningitis Outbreak from Spinal Steroid Injection

A fatal meningitis injury outbreak has been reported in several areas of the United States. New England Compounding Center, a pharmaceuticals company based on Massachusetts has supplied three lots of potentially tainted steroids to various states across America. Keefe Law Firm is accepting all injury and death claims caused by taking these fungus tainted injections. The steroids were meant to contain methylprednisolone acetate but they have been found to be tainted with a fungus that is responsible for causing severe fungal Meningitis. It has been reported that 138 people have been infected and over a dozen have died already. The factory has been sealed and all the dispatched medications have been recalled.

The company on their behalf said that they had stopped all operations and they are cooperating with the regulators to find out the infection source. Until now people have lost their lives in five states – Tennessee, Virginia, Florida, Maryland and Michigan. The last incident took place in Florida where a 70 year old man died recently. Tennessee state health officials presume that about 5 percent of the people treated with the vaccine are at risk of being affected by the disease. A meningitis injury can severely damage the spinal cord and brain of a person, the extent of damage depends on whether the patient gets medication fast enough or not.The state of Tennessee has the most number of victims, accounting to 44 people infected with meningitis injury. It has been suspected that almost 13000 people across 23 states of USA have been exposed to these tainted steroid injections. Most critics think that there are certain loopholes in rules and regulations of pharmaceuticals that allow such misconduct. Many social activists have raised their voice about the drug manufacturing safety problems that have been seen time and again. Various pharmaceutical compounding companies are dodging the rules and regulations set by FDA by registering themselves as pharmacy although actually being a pharmaceutical company.

The fungal meningitis is a fatal disease if it is not cured immediately. It has various symptoms that can help diagnose the disease:

  • sudden prolonged headaches
  • dizziness
  • feeling nauseous
  • losing body balance and control over certain voluntary actions
  • high fever and slurred speech
If anyone has taken any epidural steroid injection for back pain and is experiencing any of these conditions then they must contact for medical help immediately. If one is diagnosed with fungal meningitis then he/she must seek help for filing a lawsuit against New England Compounding Center.
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