Holmdel NJ Nursing Home Under Investigation for Alleged Neglect

A nursing care facility in Holmdel, New Jersey, is under investigation following allegations by a resident’s daughter of potential abuse or neglect occurring at the facility. A 76 year old woman recently admitted to the facility to receive nursing care allegedly left the facility with a black eye, significant bruising around her eye, and experiencing vision problems upon her departure from the facility at the end of April. Although the resident’s daughters questioned the care facility to find out what had happened during their mother’s stay, the daughters have indicated that they find the response they received to be suspicious and unsatisfactory. Staff at the care facility reported that they believed the resident had hit her face on a fax machine. The resident’s own story, however, apparently differed, alleging that staff at the facility had hit her during her stay, and that she wished to leave the facility because staff there had allegedly hurt her. The resident’s daughters further report that staff at the facility allegedly did not have a doctor examine the injury, and that staff refused to clearly communicate about the cause of the injury despite having authorization on file to discuss the resident’s care with one of the daughters.
An initial investigation by authorities was inconclusive as to the potential cause of the injury. While ratings of the facility apparently allege other issues with this particular facility, such as medication errors and food safety concerns, no prior neglect or abuse allegations have targeted the facility.
Under N.J.A.C. 8:39-4.1(a)(5), nursing home residences have a right to live a facility that is not neglectful of their needs, and does not engage in abuse of any kind. If the resident’s daughters continue to be dissatisfied with the explanation received from the facility, New Jersey law allows them to file a complaint with the Ombudsman’s office in order to initiate an investigation of the facility, and they may also file a complaint for damages. Although New Jersey law unfortunately limits the amount of recovery available in some cases, additional damages can also be pursued by naming not only the hospital or care facility as a defendant, but also the staff involved in an incident, the facility administrator, and the Department of Nursing, in order to maximize the amount of damages available to compensate for the injury suffered, if a court finds that abuse or neglect did in fact occur in this case.
If you or a loved one have concerns regarding how you were treated or the care received at nursing care facility, please call us to discuss what options may be available to compensate for your injuries

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