Meet the Support Staff at Keefe Law Firm

Having a competent support staff is the first step in making sure a client’s needs are met. The support staff at Keefe Law Firm have continuous client contact and years of experience working on many different types of civil law cases. Whether the case is related to asbestos exposure, an injury from a defective product or a workplace injury, our staff will make sure you are connected to the right civil trial attorney for your case. They are an important part of our law firm, and each maintain close relationships with clients.

Video Transcription:

My name is Amanda. I started working here in 2015 and I am the paralegal for defective joints and personal injury. So, I’m the main point of contact for the clients. I’m the one who helps them get their medical records and really understand how the litigation works. My name is Jess Nicola and I started here in 2013 as a paralegal. I handle a lot of the client work. We do a lot of the phone calls. We talk to clients every day. We basically do all the case management and work with the clients every minute when they need something. We have a lot of you know, interaction with them. My name is Lisa St. Claire and here at the Keefe Law Firm, I work in the complex litigation department as a paralegal and I also do the intakes for the firm, so when you’re injured in an accident and you call our firm for advice, you’ll be speaking with me. So, I started with the firm in 2003. I started as a secretary to one of the managing partners at the time in the asbestos litigation department, and I remained there through about two weeks ago when I was moved into the complex litigation department and intakes.

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