Did Prescription Drugs Cause Chris Cornell’s Death?

Following the tragic death of Chris Cornell, the frontman for the band Soundgarden, authorities pointed to suicide as the cause. However, his family recently issued a statement that prescription drugs may have played a factor in his death.

Per a report in The Washington Post, his family believes that Chris may have been driven to commit suicide after taking the prescription anti-anxiety drug Ativan. As of this writing, the family was awaiting toxicology results to confirm their suspicions. In the statement Cornell’s family released, they mention that there is medical literature that indicates that people who take Ativan can experience slurred speech, paranoia, impaired judgment and suicidal thoughts. Cornell’s widow told the Post that when she spoke to Chris earlier that week he seemed normal, but the last time she spoke to him before his suicide, he was slurring his speech and acting strange. When she asked he if anything was wrong, he said he may have taken an extra dose of Ativan or two.

What Can I Do to Help a Family Member Suffering Because of Prescription Drugs?

In the following video, pharmaceutical litigation lawyer John Keefe, Jr. talks about what families can do to support loved ones with opioid addictions, including filing a lawsuit for painkiller addiction against a negligent drug manufacturer.

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