Is There a Hidden Danger to Summer Fun?

Do you know how to stay safe this summer?Do You Know About the Hidden Dangers of Summer Fun?

It was a normal summer day in Toms River, New Jersey when three girls went swimming in a local lagoon. The girls were playing near the docks when two of them touched the railing of a metal boat lift. Unbeknownst to the girls the lift was live with an electrical current causing one girl, an 11-year old visiting from Newark, to be rushed to the hospital.

Police would later discover that the wires in a boat lift on the dock had corroded, which energized the lift’s metal frame.  The dock owner, who does not own a boat, was unaware of how the dock needed to be maintained.  This lack of knowledge on the importance of proper dock upkeep has many in the community worried that other land owners may fall victim to the same ignorance.

Neighbors near the lagoon say that dock wires have been hanging low since Hurricane Sandy, and many dock owners don’t know that this can be dangerous. That’s why the Toms River community and several safety organizations are taking a moment to spread the word about this hidden danger.

Dock owners, even those who don’t currently have a boat on their dock, should properly maintain the structure, wire it with surge protection devices, or cut power to the dock when not in use. It only takes 1/50th the amount of energy needed to run a light bulb to paralyze a human being. If this happens in water, it can cause drowning and the land owner could be held responsible.

If you think someone in the water is being electrocuted, don’t jump in after them. Throw the victim a floatation device, and find the power supply for the nearby dock or boat. Shut the power off, and call the authorities.

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