Why Are Eclipse Watchers Suing Amazon?

Why Are Eclipse Watchers Suing Amazon?

The Solar Eclipse of 2017

As you have probably heard by now, staring at the sun during a solar eclipse can hurt your eyes. That’s why optics businesses created solar eclipse glasses – so people could view the phenomenon without risking permanent eye damage. However, some of these glasses have proven ineffective, and injured customers are taking these companies and their vendors to court.

Why Is Amazon Being Sued by Eclipse Watchers?

On August 10th, Amazon issued a recall for some of the eclipse glasses it sold. That’s because these glasses provided no protection against the sun’s dangerous UV rays. This could have led to eye damage for eclipse watchers, and so far, one couple claims that’s exactly what happened to them.

After ordering a three-pack of eclipse glasses from Amazon, the couple viewed the eclipse on August 21st. Afterward, they claimed to experience blurry and distorted vision, watering eyes, and headaches. They have now filed a proposed class action lawsuit against Amazon, claiming that they never received notice of a recall before the eclipse. The couple is now asking others, who may have sustained ocular injuries by allegedly faulty eclipse eyewear sold on Amazon, to join their case. However, Amazon wasn’t the only retailer to sell potentially faulty glasses.

Anyone who sustained an eye injury during the eclipse, and suspects that their eclipse eye-protection glasses may have been faulty, needs to contact a products liability attorney.

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