Why Is the FDA Cracking Down on Stem Cell Clinics?

Why Is the FDA Cracking Down on Stem Cell Clinics?

Photo of a doctor examining a male patient with knee painThe Food and Drug Administration seems to have had enough. A crack down on “unscrupulous” stem cell clinics is underway and now warning letters have been sent to clinics in Florida and California. But why is the FDA targeting these clinics, and will their campaign affect other clinics all over the country?

Will the FDA’s Crack Down on Stem Cell Clinics Work?

Stem cell clinics are spread out all over the nation, and many of them claim to have treatments for often incurable illnesses. Cancer, Parkinson’s disease, ALS, heart and lung disease are just a few of the ailments for which these clinics claim to offer remedies.  However, scientific evidence to back up these claims are nonexistent.

Paul Knoepfler, cell biology professor at the University of California, has not only documented the expansion of these clinics, but has spoken out against their practices. He can find few scientific studies to back up the claims many of these clinics make, and has asked federal authorities to step in. Now, the FDA seems to be heeding his warnings.

The administration has sent warning letters to clinics for marketing stem cell products that have not been approved by the FDA. The U.S. Marshals Service was also called in to seize five vials of smallpox vaccine from one clinic that was using the vaccine in a stem cell cancer treatment. The clinics in question have spoken out defending their actions, but lawsuits filed by patients are raising more questions.

Two women who underwent stem cell treatments for macular degeneration filed lawsuits against one of these clinics. They claimed failure to warn, negligence and that the stem cell treatments were defective when they became legally blind after starting treatments. The clinic settled those cases, but what about the other people who may have fallen victim to questionable marketing practices by stem cell treatment centers?

Considering the thousands of dollars spent on these procedures, none of which are covered by insurance, more victims could file lawsuits soon. There are at least 15 stem cell clinics located here in New Jersey, so the product liability attorneys here at Keefe Law Firm will track this issue to keep the people of our state safer.

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