Are Retailers Trying to Rip You Off with Holiday Sales?

Are Retailers Trying to Rip You Off with Holiday Sales?

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Holiday sales are a big part of this time of the year, and why not – considering most of the U.S. is buying gifts and treats for their loved ones. It’s estimated that Americans will spend over $465 billion this holiday season, but many of those shoppers may be spending more than they thought. Some retailers here in New Jersey may not be truthful with their sale prices, and that could lead you to being ripped off.

How You Can Be Ripped Off by Holiday Sales

A woman from New Jersey thought she was getting a deal on two items of children’s apparel that were marked down 50 percent. She was at the outlet stores in Blackwood for the 2016 Black Friday Sales, and without that discount, she never would have purchased those items. Later she discovered that the sales prices she paid were in fact the normal price those items were usually sold for.

The stores she was attending allegedly marked up prices of sale items so that posted discounts would be reduced back to these items’ normal price point. This would give the illusion of discounted prices to customers looking for a good deal. This type of false advertising violates regulations on both the state and federal levels, and several retailers have had to face such charges over the years.

Which Stores Have Been Accused of Fake Sales?

In 2016, J.C. Penney, Kohl’s and Macy’s were all accused of this practice—also known as “price anchoring”. Now, Gap and Banana Republic outlets are facing similar accusations and lawsuits. These retailers could face penalties as steep as refunding the customers that were cheated. For Gap and Banana Republic, that could come out to $10 million in refunds over a period between October 2011 and fall of 2017.

The holidays may be a time of giving and caring, but there are many people and companies out there looking to take advantage of your good will. If you think you have fallen victim to any of these scammers, don’t be afraid to contact an attorney. They can help set right what has been taken from you.

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