Why Did Two Norwegian Cruise Line Ships Enter the Bomb Cyclone?

Why Did Two Norwegian Cruise Line Ships Enter the Bomb Cyclone?

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On January 4th, an unexpected winter storm slammed the east coast. This weather event, now being called the “Bomb Cyclone,” caused property damage, closed airports and kept families indoors for days. So why would two Norwegian Cruise Line ships enter this disastrous weather phenomenon? Several passengers aboard those ships would like to know.

Why Enter the Bomb Cyclone?

Passengers aboard the Breakaway are speaking out about their experience sailing through a winter cyclone during the first week of 2018. They describe a ship listing back and forth, water leaks and frigid temperatures as just a few of the hazards plaguing the ship. Many fell sick due to the uneven seas, and some may have been injured. One mother who was interviewed by CBS described seeing a woman fall from the ceiling.

Such dangerous conditions have left many of these passengers speculating as to why their ship even entered this storm in the first place. The vessel was on its way back to Manhattan after spending the New Year’s holiday in the Bahamas. Norwegian has since apologized, claiming that the weather conditions were not forecasted, yet when the ship left port on Tuesday, January 2nd reports about the impending storm were all over major news networks.

The United States Coast Guard did not close the port in New York, meaning it was up to the discretion of ship captains whether they should brave the storm. The Gem—another Norwegian Cruise Line ship—sailed past the Breakaway and into what was left of the storm on its own journey to the Bahamas. Though there are no reports on if that ship experienced the same conditions as the Breakaway, much may not be known until it returns from the Bahamas.

As for the passengers on the Breakaway, many claim to have received little contact or consideration from the cruise line. However, passengers that were waiting in New York to start their cruise on the Breakaway were given 14-day cruises almost immediately. This has angered many who braved the Bomb Cyclone at sea, and contacting an attorney may be the only solution for those who have been wronged.

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