Is Hollywood Celebrating a Lawsuit Prone New Jersey Park?

Is Hollywood Celebrating a Lawsuit Prone New Jersey Park?

Have you seen trailers for the new movie Action Point? It stars Johnny Knoxville, of Jackass fame, as an amusement park owner trying to win back the affections of his estranged daughter. However, a new competing amusement park has opened up nearby, so the owner must come up with new gimmicks in order to keep his park open. This new comedy is coming to the box office on June 1st, but would it surprise you to learn it’s based on a real amusement park from right here in New Jersey?

Why Is Hollywood Making a Movie About a Lawsuit Prone New Jersey Park?

In 1978, a waterpark opened up in Vernon Valley called Action Park. It was built on the grounds of the Mountain Creek ski resort and had two water slides and a mini race track, but as the years passed and the park expanded, the place went in an unexpected direction. The rides became faster and more exciting, but reportedly also became more dangerous. By the time the park closed in 1996, six people had died due to injuries suffered on Action Park rides, over 100 people were injured, and a mounting stack of lawsuits forced the park into bankruptcy.

Before it closed, Action Park became known by such names as “Traction Park” and “Class Action Park”, but no one really expected Hollywood to take an interest in it. The new movie is fictional, and only takes inspiration from the park. The actors perform stunts as they did in movies like Bad Grandpa and Jackass: The Movie, using a storyline to tie the stunts together. But with the history of lawsuits surrounding Knoxville’s past exploits, a controversial subject like Action Park doesn’t seem like a stretch.

Today, safety regulations for amusement parks are far stricter. Despite these rules, sometimes amusement parks do neglect the safety of their customers in order to yield higher profits. This is why it is important to contact an attorney if something goes wrong while you are visiting an amusement park.

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