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Could an Employer Be Liable for Damage Caused by a Drunk Employee?

Two years ago, a 49-year-old Newark woman was working at a marine terminal in Elizabeth when she was unexpectedly hit by a top loader.  After the collision, people on the scene rushed to her aid but  she did not survive.  Now, almost two years later, this case might be drawing to a close. Why Was a Drunk Employee Operating Heavy…
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What Are My Rights Regarding Wages and Breaks?

State and federal laws guarantee eligible employees certain rights regarding wages and breaks. However, some employers, intentionally or unintentionally, continue to violate these laws. In this video, attorney Paul DiGiorgio explains why overtime violations are a common type of employment law claim that he handles. He also discusses the complexity of these laws and why companies may fail to accurately…
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Do I Need a Lawyer for Residential Property Sales?

Residential real estate transactions have become more complex as banking laws continue to change. Therefore, consulting with a lawyer for residential property sales can save you time and money, and help alleviate the confusion of buying a first home or real estate closings. In this video, attorney Michael Convery explains that the unexpected benefit of consulting an attorney for real…
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