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Why Is a Former New Jersey College Deputy Police Chief Suing?

As a campus police officer at Stevens Institute of Technology, a British immigrant managed to work his way up to the position of deputy police chief. However, after a year of conflict with his police chief, the man was terminated. But was his dismissal legal? A lawsuit, once thought settled, has reignited discrimination charges at a New Jersey college as…
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Why Is Home Depot Being Sued by Terror Attack Victims?

On October 31, 2017, a man drove a truck onto a bike trail in Manhattan, plowing into bicyclists and runners along a one mile stretch. After crashing downtown, the driver of the truck was arrested, and it was later discovered that he had terrorist connections. This created a stir as officials tried to figure out what happened and how an…
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Is Safety a High Priority for NJ Transit?

New Jersey Transit is the third largest transportation agency in the country, so when something goes wrong, it’s a big deal. For the past few years, NJ Transit has been neck-deep in scandals, lawsuits and safety violations. Now a former member of the agency’s compliance staff is speaking out, and what he has to say isn’t flattering. Does NJ Transit…
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