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Does A New Study Prove Infotainment Systems Can Cause Distracted Driving?

Last week, we discussed how smart cars could prevent distracted driving. Now we want to discuss a distracted driving danger that most drivers don’t even think about—their car’s infotainment center. How are infotainment systems causing distracted driving? A researcher from the University of Utah has spent four years trying to figure that out. Why Do Car Infotainment Systems Cause Distracted…
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What If Your Car Could Tell When You Are Driving Distracted?

We often forget that distracted driving is not exclusive to people using their cell phones. Doing your makeup, changing a radio station, or even just talking to someone can distract you from the road. This makes distracted driving a constant and immediate problem that some think only the autonomous car can solve. However, new innovations could bring a solution to…
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Could Zostavax Actually Cause Shingles Instead of Preventing It?

Have you ever had Chicken Pox? It’s often considered a rite of passage, and once you’ve had Chicken Pox, the shingles virus (herpes zoster) stays with you for the rest of your life. Shingles  can be a devastating illness when you are older, but a vaccine promises to help stop the virus in its tracks. However, is Zostavax the helpful…
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