$185,000 Settlement for SUV Roll-Over

Photo of an SUV roll over accident

Keefe Law Firm recently reached a favorable settlement on behalf of our client who was seriously injured when her vehicle was struck by the defendant on the Garden State Parkway causing her vehicle to overturn twice and slide 75 feet before coming to rest. Both our client and her eight year old daughter, who was in the rear seat, had to be extricated from the vehicle by emergency personnel causing our client to suffer severe injuries requiring extensive medical treatment.

Under firmly settled New Jersey law, defendant was clearly negligent in the operation of his vehicle. When operating a motor vehicle on public roads and highways, it is imperative that drivers exercise the degree of care for the safety of others that a reasonably prudent person would exercise under the circumstances. Goldstone v. Tuers, 189 N.J. Super. 167, 169 (App. Div. 1983); see also New Jersey Model Civil Jury Charge, 5.30A – General Duty Owing. Here, the that defendant operated his vehicle in a negligent manner by veering into our clients lane of travel with no regard to oncoming traffic and colliding with our clients vehicle causing it to overturn twice and slide approximately 75 feet. See Eaton v. Eaton, 119 N.J. 628 (1990) (“[T]he unexplained departure of a car from the roadway ‘ordinarily bespeaks negligence.’”).

Our firm was able to obtain adequate compensation for our client without her having to endure an extensive trial. We understand the trauma a horrific accident can cause and are dedicated to getting our clients significant and swift compensation for their injuries.