Can a Lawyer Help If I Have a Defective Medical Implant?

Our attorneys can explain compensation for defective medical devices.

If you have a defective medical implant of any kind, then a lawyer can gather all of the relevant information for a claim. Usually, you rely on your doctor to tell you what kind of revision surgery you need – but you may not know what brand or model of implant you actually received, even if it later failed. An attorney can investigate your medical history to get that information as well as details about why your implant failed and who is to blame. In this video, attorney John Keefe, Jr. explains why you should always consult with an attorney if you believe that you may have grounds for a defective medical implant claim.

Video Transcription:

Many patients, when they… they find the need for a joint replacement, rely on their doctors to tell them what they need. They don’t know what’s being put in their body. So, many times, a patient won’t know what brand, what make of hip or knee product they have in their body. They won’t know that the company that brought this product to market has not appropriately tested what’s being put in their body. So, in the defective joint litigation that we’ve been doing here for over a decade, the first thing we do is find out if a patient needs a revision or has had a revision. Which is the second surgery to replace the defective product. If that’s the case, we can identify the product by going into the hospital record and looking at the product identification label. That will tell us who the manufacturer is and we begin our investigation to find out what went wrong. We’ve been very successful over the last 10 to 12 years at defective joint litigation. We’ve represented probably thousands of victims of defective hip and knee, some Artelon spacers, wrist spacers. We’ve been very successful in recovering the money related to those second surgeries and the months and months of pain and suffering they’ve suffered as a result of that unnecessary surgery. Here at the Keefe Law Firm, we stand for you. Call now to get the help you need at (866) 575-5000; visit us at