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Six Things to Look for in a Personal Injury Attorney

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There are a couple of ways to locate a good personal injury attorney. Consider asking friends, colleagues and family members for a referral. Check with your state bar association. You could use Google or listings such as Referral services… Read More »

Was Ethnicity the Reason a New Jersey Auto Dealership Underpaid Employees?

Airbag defect compensation

A technician working for a New Jersey automobile dealership discovered a discrepancy in the pay of some of his fellow technicians. What he found was that all of the techs of Chinese descent (himself included) were paid less than their… Read More »

How Does Peggy’s Law Help Fight Nursing Home Abuse?

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A 93-year-old woman was rushed to Ocean Medical Center with bruises and welts across her back, a broken jaw, a broken cheekbone, and a broken eye socket as well as a broken wrist. When her daughter arrived at the hospital,… Read More »

Are You Being Paid for Your Overtime Hours?

Photo of homes damaged by a hurricane

Have you ever eaten at a Chipotle’s restaurant? The company made $4.5 billion in revenue from selling food in 2015. That is over 600 million burritos worth of sales, and that means if you haven’t eaten at Chipotle, you probably… Read More »

Is Transvaginal Mesh Safe?

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Transvaginal mesh surgery has become a popular solution for women affected by pelvic organ prolapse (POP), which can plague sufferers with pain and discomfort. What Is Transvaginal Mesh? Pelvic organ prolapse occurs when a woman’s vaginal tissues become weakened or… Read More »

Could Using Industrial Hand Soap at Work Hurt Me?

Photo of an industrial worker on a construction site laying sealant for waterproofing cement

Could the industrial hand soap you use at work be hurting you? Recently, Occupational Health & Safety magazine featured a report on industrial hand cleansers and whether they are doing more harm to workers than good. How Can Using Industrial… Read More »

Is It Safe for Cars to Share the Road with 18 Wheelers?

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Can 18 wheelers safely share the road with cars and smaller trucks? A minivan and a tractor trailer truck collided on Interstate 78 near Union, New Jersey recently. The incident resulted in one death. The fatal truck crash happened around… Read More »

Keefe Law Firm Fights to Help Employees Recover Commission Payments

Attorney John E. Keefe, Jr.

Following a year of hard-fought litigation, Keefe Law Firm attorneys John E. Keefe, Jr., Esq. and Paul A. DiGiorgio, Esq. thwarted Heartland Payment Systems’ (HPS) latest attempt to dismiss a class action lawsuit brought against them by a group of… Read More »

Did a Trucker Fall Asleep Prior to a New Jersey Truck Accident?

Photo of An upturned truck of a highway accident

The South Brunswick Patch recently reported on a New Jersey truck accident where the trucker involved fell asleep behind the wheel prior to the wreck. Reportedly, the incident happened in South Brunswick on Rt. 522 at the Stouts Lane intersection…. Read More »

How Injured Workers Can Prove Fault Following a Construction Accident

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In the wake of a construction accident, injured workers and their families often face a mountain of hardships, including hospital bills, loss of income if the injury prevents the victim from going back to work and the challenge of recovering… Read More »