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Our attorneys have years of experience helping victims get justice when consumer fraud causes a undo physical, emotional or financial harm.

Can Consumers File Lawsuits Over Fiat Chrysler’s Leaking Sunroofs?

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Keefe Law Firm is representing plaintiffs in a class action lawsuit against Fiat Chrysler. The lawsuit involves a vehicle design flaw affecting several Jeep and Chrysler models. Due to a defect with the drainage tubes, moisture accumulates and water leaks into the cabin…. Read More »

Keefe Law Firm’s Consumer Knowledge Series – Debt Relief: Know Your Rights Before Hiring a Debt Relief Service By Stephen Sullivan

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Falling behind in debt is stressful and can financially ruin your and your family’s future.  Numerous companies advertise, or otherwise solicit, that they can help you with your debt and reach settlements with your creditors. You need to know your rights and do your homework…. Read More »