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Can a Lawyer Help With Property Tax Assessment in New Jersey?

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A person has a right to challenge their yearly tax assessment. Right when you get your assessment is when you should seek counsel. That way you can determine if the property has been assessed for the value that it is. If it’s not assessed,… Read More »

What Makes a Trial Lawyer Different From Other Attorneys?

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Attorney Stephen Sullivan works to find a positive result for his clients. If you have questions he wants you to call, to talk about and resolve them. Sullivan talks about striving to find a positive resolution to a case, whether it’s settling a case or going to trial,… Read More »

Were Opioids the Cause of This Reality Star’s Death?

Photo of a pharmaceutical worker operating a packaging machine

Have you heard of the television show My 600 Lb. Life? It airs on TLC, and for several seasons it has followed the exploits of morbidly obese patients who have sought help from Houston surgeon Younan Nowzaradan. Many of these people have been met with tremendous obstacles and physical strain as they’ve tried to shed weight while having their lives documented…. Read More »

Is a New Wawa’s Worth a Traffic Nightmare?

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Have you ever driven through the intersection of Broad Street, Newman Springs Road, Maple Avenue and Route 35? If you are a frequenter of this Red Bank crossroads, then you know that in the morning and in the afternoon, it becomes one of the most congested stretches of asphalt in Monmouth County…. Read More »

Did a New Jersey Pep Boys Overcharge You?

Photo of car mechanics working and maintaining car

Have you ever felt like you were paying more for a product at the register than the price tag on the shelf said? You probably thought that it was just your imagination at the time, but be warned. Some stores are actually overcharging you at the register,… Read More »

Should Ford Recall Millions of Potentially Defective Explorer SUVs?

Photo of SUV Rollover accident with ambulance

Back in March, we discussed the case of a Newport Beach officer who blacked out under mysterious circumstances while driving his Ford Explorer patrol vehicle. At that time, he believed that his black out may have been caused by an exhaust leak into the SUV’s cabin…. Read More »

GM vs GM: Can a Company Sue Itself?

Airbag defect compensation

The ignition switch recall has been a nightmare for General Motors Corporation. The scandal rocked the automotive industry just as the company was recovering from its 2009 bankruptcy. The company is finally in a position to settle a large portion of the personal injury lawsuits from this debacle…. Read More »

Did the New Wells Fargo Scandal Cause You to Lose Your Car?

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Last year, we found out that  Wells Fargo banking had deceived around 2.1 million of its customers.  Employees created unauthorized accounts in customers names and were rewarded by there superiors for committing this fraud.  The Wells Fargo scandal has since resulted in over 5,300 firings,… Read More »

Is Transvaginal Mesh Safe?

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Transvaginal mesh surgery has become a popular solution for women affected by pelvic organ prolapse (POP), which can plague sufferers with pain and discomfort.
What Is Transvaginal Mesh?
Pelvic organ prolapse occurs when a woman’s vaginal tissues become weakened or stretched…. Read More »

$5,940,000 Settlement – Construction Accident Case

Photo of construction workers on a job site

Keefe Law Firm settles construction accident case resulting from trusses collapse and catastrophic injuries for $5,940,000.

John E. Keefe, Jr. and Stephen T. Sullivan, Jr. of Keefe Law Firm announced that they have settled a construction accident action against defendants,… Read More »