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Was Invokana Rushed to Market?

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In 2013, a new drug to treat type 2 diabetes was released. This medication, Invokana, was seen as a new way to help control diabetes and doctors began prescribing it to many of their patients. Unfortunately, there were a few details about Invokana use nobody knew about…. Read More »

Could Zostavax Actually Cause Shingles Instead of Preventing It?

We explain the dangers of IVC filters.

Have you ever had Chicken Pox? It’s often considered a rite of passage, and once you’ve had Chicken Pox, the shingles virus (herpes zoster) stays with you for the rest of your life. Shingles  can be a devastating illness when you are older,… Read More »

Is This Blood Thinner One of the Most Dangerous Drugs on the Market?

Is there a new way to fight opioid abuse?

Bayer and Johnson & Johnson are facing thousands of lawsuits over deaths and injuries attributed to Xarelto, a blood-thinning medication. Plaintiffs involved in the cases claim the drug is responsible for causing uncontrollable bleeding in the intestines and brain. Additional claims suggest both companies did not warn consumers about the risks associated with taking the drug…. Read More »

Drug Lawsuits Result in Multi-Million Dollar Verdicts Against Johnson & Johnson

Is there a new way to fight opioid abuse?

Drug lawsuits hold manufacturers accountable for releasing life-ruining or dangerous medications. One of the best recent examples is Risperdal, an antipsychotic drug made by Johnson & Johnson. Earlier this year, a Tennessee teenager received $70 million from a lawsuit against the multinational company…. Read More »

Has the Birth Control Product Essure Injured Thousands of Unsuspecting Women?

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Essure is a permanent birth control product that received Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval in 2002 for use as a contraceptive. Bayer has carried out aggressive marketing campaigns for Essure that have been called into question by both consumers and attorneys for deceptive advertising…. Read More »

Is This Popular Breast Cancer Drug Causing Permanent Hair Loss?

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Multiple lawsuits have been filed against Sanofi-Aventis, the pharmaceutical company behind the breast cancer drug Taxotere. According to the lawsuits, Sanofi-Aventis failed to warn patients they could permanently lose their hair by taking the chemotherapy drug. The lawsuits also claim Sanofi-Aventis knew Taxotere could cause permanent hair loss in 2005,… Read More »

Actos Bladder Cancer Lawsuit in New Jersey

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“The risk of bladder cancer increased with increasing dose and duration of pioglitazone use. Compared to never being exposed to pioglitazone, a duration of pioglitazone therapy longer than 12 months was associated with a 40% increase in risk…” From 6/15/11 FDA Drug Safety Communication…. Read More »