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Alarming Malpractice: Are You Safe While You’re Under Anesthesia?

Photo of two surgeons doing surgery

Have you ever had surgery? Have you ever wondered what goes on once you have been put under anesthesia? Many Americans put faith in their doctors that once they are under, their doctor will take care of them and protect them…. Read More »

Was Medical Negligence Responsible for an Educator’s Passing?

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Did you know that birthing a child used to be a life-threatening event? Mothers and babies could perish if there were complications, but modern medicine has progressed so far that many of these dangers have been eliminated. However, the slightest medical negligence could still prove fatal to either mother or child,… Read More »

Could Hospital Mergers Help Reduce Malpractice?

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The landscape of New Jersey’s healthcare is always changing and the most recent change comes in the form of  multi-hospital conglomerates. Hospitals are now merging together to create larger and more powerful corporations. While this change may offer solutions to healthcare problems facing the industry,… Read More »

How IVC Filters Can Cause Sudden Death

We explain the dangers of IVC filters.

Thousands of Americans at risk for blood clots have been implanted with inferior vena cava filters (IVC) filters. These cone-shaped devices are implanted into the inferior vena cava, the largest vein in the body, to break up blood clots before they can reach the heart or lungs. … Read More »