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Our attorneys have years of experience helping victims and their loved ones get justice when negligence causes a personal injury.

The Facts About Personal Injury Lawsuits

Liebeck v. McDonald's Restaurants is a famous personal injury case.

Many people have the wrong idea about personal injury as a
practice area. For instance, they may assume that personal injury lawsuits
involve ambulance-chasing lawyers who are in business for a quick buck. However,
personal injury cases (and attorneys) are essential for helping individuals who
have suffered harm due to the negligent or reckless actions of other parties…. Read More »

Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe?

photo of e-cigarette

Millions of Americans are using electronic cigarettes to get their nicotine fix. Electronic cigarettes, also called e-cigs or e-cigarettes, use lithium-ion batteries to heat propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin into clouds of flavored vapor. For many former and current smokers, e-cigs come with many advantages…. Read More »

How Will Blockchain Change Civil Trial Law as We Know It?

Internet concept. Hacker working on a code on dark digital background with digital interface around.

Do you know what blockchain is? Over the past year or so, this new technology has taken the spotlight when it comes to cryptocurrencies, business and, soon, the practice of law. So, the question is not only what is blockchain, but how will it affect civil trial law as we move forward?… Read More »

Why Are Assistant Managers Suing Wawa in New Jersey?

Photo of a frustrated businesswoman in the office

Did you know that in order to be exempt from overtime pay, you must not spend a significant portion of your work time on nonmanagerial duties? This is an issue that has haunted companies like Chipotle, which was sued over denying overtime to workers participating in its store manager training program…. Read More »

Why Is a Former New Jersey College Deputy Police Chief Suing?

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As a campus police officer at Stevens Institute of Technology, a British immigrant managed to work his way up to the position of deputy police chief. However, after a year of conflict with his police chief, the man was terminated. But was his dismissal legal?… Read More »

Why Is Home Depot Being Sued by Terror Attack Victims?

Photo of memorial candles

On October 31, 2017, a man drove a truck onto a bike trail in Manhattan, plowing into bicyclists and runners along a one mile stretch. After crashing downtown, the driver of the truck was arrested, and it was later discovered that he had terrorist connections…. Read More »

What’s the Most Dangerous Road for Pedestrians in New Jersey?

Photo of a man in a cross walk about to get hit by a car

In 1993, the Tri-State Transportation Campaign was formed to address economic and environmental issues caused by the use of automobiles in our area. Since then, the non-profit has worked to reduce car dependency in New York, Connecticut and New Jersey. Initiatives to increase investment in public transportation,… Read More »

How Did Urine Samples Lead to a Wrongful Termination Lawsuit?

Photo of a businessman giving a handshake to a customer

Have you ever given a urine sample? Sometimes a new employer will request you get one such test, and when they do, they will often send you to an independent lab to have the sample taken and tested. At one such lab in Rockleigh,… Read More »

Are People Still Getting Sick from Asbestos Exposure?

Image of Danger Asbestos Warning Sign

New research published by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) discovered people are still developing health conditions caused by asbestos exposure. The CDC’s report shows a 4.8 percent increase in mesothelioma deaths between the years of 1999 and 2015…. Read More »

Can Future Treatments for Spinal Cord Injuries Reduce Paralysis?

Photo of Doctor examining patient's spinal X-Rays

The National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center estimates more than 282,000 Americans are living with spinal cord injuries. Depending on the nature of a spinal cord injury, living independently can be difficult or impossible. Treatments for spinal cord injuries focus on improving this lack of independence…. Read More »