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What Can Happen When Rollercoasters Malfunction?

When you go to an amusement park, you expect thrills, excitement and fun—but you also expect to be safe as well. Not many amusement park goers talk about that last expectation, but it is an aspect of your trip that is protected by New Jersey law…. Read More »

How Did This New Jersey Dog Bite Nightmare Go Unnoticed?

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Dogs are classically known as “man’s best friend”, but in nearby Aberdeen, New Jersey, that saying was turned upside-down earlier this year. Like in Stephen King’s novel Kujo, a neighborhood in this community dealt with a rabid animal on the loose…. Read More »

How Do You Know Who Is Responsible in a Child Drowning Case?

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When it comes to pool ownership it is important to be both responsible and cautious. Failure to do so can result in accidental drowning cases. In July alone there have already been three child deaths and one near drowning. With these tragedies becoming more frequent it is important to know the rules of water safety so as to avoid another child drowning case…. Read More »

Who Is Responsible for Distracted Walking Incidents?

Photo of Pedestrian Crosswalk with fast truck

You’ve probably seen footage of the woman falling down a sidewalk cellar here in New Jersey. In security video, the woman appears to be checking her phone before the accident, but there’s more to the story. New details are changing what many thought was a clear-cut case of personal neglect,… Read More »

New Jersey Family Sues Mall After Son Injured in Horrific Accident

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A New Jersey family filed a personal injury lawsuit against a mall and escalator company after a horrific accident left their son disabled. According to the parents, they were Christmas shopping when tragedy struck. While going from the first to second floor,… Read More »

Why Trampoline Parks Are Behind Thousands of Injuries

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Trampoline parks have become increasingly popular in the last several years, including here in New Jersey. Parents should be aware that trampoline park injuries are causing a large increase in emergency room visits.
Statistics gathered by researchers at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center (CCMC) show there were 6,932 emergency room visits nationwide last year involving trampoline park injuries…. Read More »

Is My Landlord Liable for Injuries Sustained on His or Her Property?

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In the simplest terms, the arrangement between you and your landlord should be that you pay the rent, and the landlord provides safe housing. When he or she fails to provide  safe housing, you may be able to sue the landlord for damages…. Read More »