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What Is Arbitration?

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Attorney John Keefe Sr. explains how arbitration is like trying a case in court. Where you normally have a judge and jury, arbitration is different. There are single arbitrators, and there are arbitration panels that consists of three arbitrators. Arbitrators are taken from retired judges,… Read More »

Do I Need an Attorney to File an Insurance Claim?

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Attorney John Gregory of the Keefe law firm stresses the importance of hiring a lawyer when it comes to filing an insurance claim. This goes as well for filing a claim against your own insurance company. Gregory explains how insurance companies are in the business of making money for themselves opposed to providing benefits for those insured by them…. Read More »

What Civil Remedies Are Available for a Drunk Driving Case?

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There is a difference between criminal prosecution and civil prosecution when it comes to a drunk driving case. The attorneys at the Keefe law firm represent people on the civil side of things. They pursue claims for injured clients against a drunk driver…. Read More »

Do You Represent the Victims of Drunk Driving?

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The attorneys at the Keefe law firm do represent victims of drunk driving accidents. This includes any injuries suffered and staying in communication with the prosecutor’s office. Gregory will let them know that he may be prosecuting the drunk driving offense due to their illegal and highly dangerous activity…. Read More »

What Is Litigation?

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Attorney Stephen Sullivan describes every legal case as different, with different issues that have to be considered. Cases may take between a year and two years to come to a conclusion of discovery and readiness for trial. Sullivan describes litigation as time intensive,… Read More »

What Rights Do Tenants Have Under New Jersey Law?

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In a landlord tenant residential there are typically violations from the tenants perspective where the landlord is not keeping the premises in proper condition. In those circumstances the tenant can take action to enforce the landlord to either make repairs or conduct an investigation…. Read More »

What Options Are Available for Landlords With Tenant Issues in New Jersey?

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There are laws that can protect landlords in the case of a tenant breaching their lease in New Jersey. There are certain rules that you have to follow if you want to remove a tenant from a residential property. A lot of the rules for Residential Tenancies are not going to be contained within the lease…. Read More »

Can a Lawyer Help With Property Tax Assessment in New Jersey?

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A person has a right to challenge their yearly tax assessment. Right when you get your assessment is when you should seek counsel. That way you can determine if the property has been assessed for the value that it is. If it’s not assessed,… Read More »

What Makes a Trial Lawyer Different From Other Attorneys?

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Attorney Stephen Sullivan works to find a positive result for his clients. If you have questions he wants you to call, to talk about and resolve them. Sullivan talks about striving to find a positive resolution to a case, whether it’s settling a case or going to trial,… Read More »

What Does The Consumer Fraud Statute Mean in New Jersey?

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Consumer fraud in New Jersey can occur when either services that you contract with a contractor or a product you buy. If you go into a store and the store says a product will maintain its waterproof condition for five years and you find out that it’s not waterproof,… Read More »