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Watch our videos about car and truck accidents, including how to deal with the insurance company and when you should contact a lawyer about your potential case.

What Civil Remedies Are Available for a Drunk Driving Case?

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There is a difference between criminal prosecution and civil prosecution when it comes to a drunk driving case. The attorneys at the Keefe law firm represent people on the civil side of things. They pursue claims for injured clients against a drunk driver…. Read More »

Do You Represent the Victims of Drunk Driving?

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The attorneys at the Keefe law firm do represent victims of drunk driving accidents. This includes any injuries suffered and staying in communication with the prosecutor’s office. Gregory will let them know that he may be prosecuting the drunk driving offense due to their illegal and highly dangerous activity…. Read More »

Why Do Insurance Companies Try to Settle After an Accident?

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A common tactic of an insurance company may be to quickly settle after an accident. It may look best at face value, but they may be trying to resolve issues before a lawyer can represent a client. The lawyers at the Keefe law firm are skilled in handling accident cases involving injured clients…. Read More »

How Soon Does an Investigation Start After A Truck Accident?

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There are many things that can go on in a truck accident investigation. The trucking company itself may go out to conduct an investigation, or the state police depending on the area. They’ll be out there to gather evidence, sometimes getting information out of a black box…. Read More »

What Should You Tell Police At the Scene of an Accident?

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When an accident has just occurred police arriving at scene are going to want to ask a few question. Mostly just to assess if you need any medical attention. An officer might call for an ambulance or tend to your needs themselves…. Read More »

Does My Car Insurance Carrier Represent Me?

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You pay a monthly insurance premium to your provider in exchange for certain protections in the event that you are in an accident. Thus, your car insurance carrier should represent you in the event that you cause an accident and another party files a claim against you…. Read More »

Do I Need a Lawyer After a Car Accident?

Photo of a couple reading a letter about a neck injury

Having an experienced trial attorney by your side might be one of the most important decisions you make if you get into a car accident. In this video, civil trial attorney John E. Gregory, Jr. talks about having a lawyer after a car accident and how his experience has greatly assisted individuals harmed in car crash cases…. Read More »