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What Options Are Available for Landlords With Tenant Issues in New Jersey?

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There are laws that can protect landlords in the case of a tenant breaching their lease in New Jersey. There are certain rules that you have to follow if you want to remove a tenant from a residential property. A lot of the rules for Residential Tenancies are not going to be contained within the lease…. Read More »

Do You Need an Attorney To Buy Real Estate?

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The attorneys at the Keefe law firm are ready to represent you and answer all your real estate questions. Attorney Michael Convery explains the process they go through when it comes to your real estate transaction, negotiating terms of contract, and watching out for any pitfalls…. Read More »

Do I Need a Lawyer for Residential Property Sales?

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Residential real estate transactions have become more complex as banking laws continue to change. Therefore, consulting with a lawyer for residential property sales can save you time and money, and help alleviate the confusion of buying a first home or real estate closings…. Read More »

Have a Zoning Problem with New Jersey Real Estate?

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Attorney Michael Convery Explains Variants
Both residential and commercial property throughout New Jersey is subject to a number of zoning laws and municipal ordinances. For property owners, a zoning problem can be overwhelming to deal with on their own, particularly if they have received a citation or need a variance…. Read More »