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Watch our videos about personal injury in New Jersey; our cases include car and truck accidents, defective medical devices, construction accidents and more.

Do I Need an Attorney to File an Insurance Claim?

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Attorney John Gregory of the Keefe law firm stresses the importance of hiring a lawyer when it comes to filing an insurance claim. This goes as well for filing a claim against your own insurance company. Gregory explains how insurance companies are in the business of making money for themselves opposed to providing benefits for those insured by them…. Read More »

What Is Litigation?

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Attorney Stephen Sullivan describes every legal case as different, with different issues that have to be considered. Cases may take between a year and two years to come to a conclusion of discovery and readiness for trial. Sullivan describes litigation as time intensive,… Read More »

How Does the Mediation Process Work in New Jersey?

Our attorneys can explain the mediation process.

In the mediation process the mediator attempts for both parties to talk out their issues and find a common ground. An arbitrator ultimately decides the case. There’s always the hope that a resolution is made so that releases and agreements can be executed…. Read More »

Do I Need a Will in New Jersey?

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There may be many reasons why you want to draft a will in the state of New Jersey. You may have a number of assets, property, and children you want to protect. It’s important to have a will so you can control how your wealth is distributed…. Read More »

Need a Trial Lawyer in New Jersey?

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You don’t want a lawyer who is going to settle your case the cheap quick way. The attorneys at the Keefe law firm have the experience and investment to settle your case at the right time. The Keefe law firm has a team of attorneys who have experience in the courtroom,… Read More »

Can a Lawyer Help If I Have a Defective Medical Implant?

Our attorneys can explain compensation for defective medical devices.

If you have a defective medical implant of any kind, then a lawyer can gather all of the relevant information for a claim. Usually, you rely on your doctor to tell you what kind of revision surgery you need – but you may not know what brand or model of implant you actually received,… Read More »

What Are Common Damages in a Defective Medical Device Claim?

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The damages in a defective medical device claim chiefly stem from the fact that victims of defective implants must undergo a second revision surgery. Therefore, you may be entitled to compensation for the expense of this second procedure as well as the value of your lost wages plus pain and suffering,… Read More »

Do You Handle Personal Injury Cases?

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The attorneys at Keefe Law Firm handle personal injury cases as part of our plaintiffs’ practice. We handle car accidents and premises liability matters, but we also have the experiences and resources to represent complex catastrophic personal injury claims…. Read More »

Implanted with a Defective Hip or Knee Joint?

Photo of a knee and hip prosthesis

For more than a decade, the Keefe Law Firm has represented people harmed by a defective hip or knee joint. These defective medical devices are not always fully tested when they are rushed to market. Our firm has seen firsthand how these devices fail in only three to five years…. Read More »

Need to Speak to a Personal Injury Lawyer in New Jersey?

Attorney John E. Keefe, Jr.

If you are looking for a personal injury lawyer in New Jersey, Keefe Law Firm is dedicated to helping clients and solving difficult legal problems. Our team of experienced trial attorneys have spent decades representing victims of asbestos exposure,… Read More »