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Watch our videos regarding wage and hour laws; contact our firm if you are a recovery worker for Superstorm Sandy that has been underpaid.

What Are My Rights Regarding Wages and Breaks?

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State and federal laws guarantee eligible employees certain rights regarding wages and breaks. However, some employers, intentionally or unintentionally, continue to violate these laws. In this video, attorney Paul DiGiorgio explains why overtime violations are a common type of employment law claim that he handles…. Read More »

Underpaid as a Recovery Worker for Superstorm Sandy?

Photo of homes damaged by a hurricane

Attorney Paul DiGiorgio Explains Prevailing Wage Cases
Were you a recovery worker in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy? If a recovery worker for Superstorm Sandy was underpaid, this is a violation of wage and hour laws which ensure public project workers are paid in full…. Read More »