John E. Gregory, Jr. Named as Vice President of the Trial Attorneys of New Jersey

John E. Gregory, Jr. injury and accident lawyer

John E. Gregory, Jr., a partner at Keefe Law Firm has been appointed as a Vice President of the Trial Attorneys of New Jersey (TANJ) for 2019-2020. TANJ consists of approximately 600 civil and criminal plaintiff and defense attorneys focusing on promoting the interests of the public, litigants, the bench and the bar. Access to New Jersey’s courts and ensuring that citizens get a fair trial in the courtroom are among its key objectives. Previously, John served as TANJ secretary/treasurer.

Said John, “The Trial Attorneys of New Jersey has led the charge for decades to protect peoples’ rights to a jury trial and access to our courts, rights guaranteed to us by our Constitution. Now, as Vice-President of the organization I can continue to work to ensure those rights are protected for decades to come and that fairness rules the day among litigants, attorneys and judges. “