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Why Is It Important to Have a Will?

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Having a will is essential to manage your estate after your death, as well as provide for your children and family members. While survivors and heirs can go through procedures to manage assets without a will, having a last will… Read More »

How Do You Know Who Is Responsible in a Child Drowning Case?

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When it comes to pool ownership it is important to be both responsible and cautious. Failure to do so can result in accidental drowning cases. In July alone there have already been three child deaths and one near drowning. With… Read More »

Could Hospital Mergers Help Reduce Malpractice?

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  The landscape of New Jersey’s healthcare is always changing and the most recent change comes in the form of  multi-hospital conglomerates. Hospitals are now merging together to create larger and more powerful corporations. While this change may offer solutions… Read More »

Are You Being Paid for Your Overtime Hours?

Photo of homes damaged by a hurricane

Have you ever eaten at a Chipotle’s restaurant? The company made $4.5 billion in revenue from selling food in 2015. That is over 600 million burritos worth of sales, and that means if you haven’t eaten at Chipotle, you probably… Read More »

Who Is Responsible for Distracted Walking Incidents?

Photo of Pedestrian Crosswalk with fast truck

You’ve probably seen footage of the woman falling down a sidewalk cellar here in New Jersey. In security video, the woman appears to be checking her phone before the accident, but there’s more to the story. New details are changing… Read More »

Is Transvaginal Mesh Safe?

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Transvaginal mesh surgery has become a popular solution for women affected by pelvic organ prolapse (POP), which can plague sufferers with pain and discomfort. What Is Transvaginal Mesh? Pelvic organ prolapse occurs when a woman’s vaginal tissues become weakened or… Read More »

Could Using Industrial Hand Soap at Work Hurt Me?

Photo of an industrial worker on a construction site laying sealant for waterproofing cement

Could the industrial hand soap you use at work be hurting you? Recently, Occupational Health & Safety magazine featured a report on industrial hand cleansers and whether they are doing more harm to workers than good. How Can Using Industrial… Read More »

Is It Safe for Cars to Share the Road with 18 Wheelers?

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Can 18 wheelers safely share the road with cars and smaller trucks? A minivan and a tractor trailer truck collided on Interstate 78 near Union, New Jersey recently. The incident resulted in one death. The fatal truck crash happened around… Read More »