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What Happens When Insurance Isn’t Enough to Cover Accident Damages?

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The night of February 6, 2015 changed the life of a 47-year-old man driving on the New Jersey Turnpike. That night, his vehicle collided with another vehicle that was stopped on the turnpike. The collision caused the man’s car to… Read More »

Was Invokana Rushed to Market?

Photo of a pharmaceutical worker operating a packaging machine

In 2013, a new drug to treat type 2 diabetes was released. This medication, Invokana, was seen as a new way to help control diabetes and doctors began prescribing it to many of their patients. Unfortunately, there were a few… Read More »

Why Did a Monmouth County Man Sue His Insurance Company?

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In February 2014, a man and his son were driving down Route 70 near Toms River when disaster struck. Another vehicle collided with the travelers head-on, causing injuries and property damage. As with many cases like this, the two parties… Read More »

Can Mediation Be the Solution for a Construction Accident?

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Working on a construction site can be very hazardous. There is heavy equipment, construction materials that can get out of hand, and scaffolding that takes workers high above the ground. Any of these hazards can cause a serious injury to… Read More »

When Is a Bar Responsible for Damages Caused by Drunk Driving?

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On October 1, 2011, an elderly couple were out driving on Clifton Street in Westfield, New Jersey. As the two drove through the intersection with Tice Place, a motorist ran a stop sign and barreled into the couple’s vehicle. The… Read More »

Were Opioids the Cause of This Reality Star’s Death?

Photo of a pharmaceutical worker operating a packaging machine

Have you heard of the television show My 600 Lb. Life? It airs on TLC, and for several seasons it has followed the exploits of morbidly obese patients who have sought help from Houston surgeon Younan Nowzaradan. Many of these… Read More »

Is a New Wawa’s Worth a Traffic Nightmare?

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Have you ever driven through the intersection of Broad Street, Newman Springs Road, Maple Avenue and Route 35? If you are a frequenter of this Red Bank crossroads, then you know that in the morning and in the afternoon, it… Read More »

How Does the Mediation Process Work in New Jersey?

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In the mediation process the mediator attempts for both parties to talk out their issues and find a common ground. An arbitrator ultimately decides the case. There’s always the hope that a resolution is made so that releases and agreements… Read More »