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Did a New Jersey Pep Boys Overcharge You?

Photo of car mechanics working and maintaining car

Have you ever felt like you were paying more for a product at the register than the price tag on the shelf said? You probably thought that it was just your imagination at the time, but be warned. Some stores… Read More »

Was a NJ Transit Bus Driver Caught Texting and Driving on Duty?

We can explain possible compensation for a distracted driving accident.

Driving responsibly is the duty of every licensed driver on the road, but it’s especially important for professional and commercial drivers. That’s because these drivers are not only tasked with their own safety but the safety of the people they… Read More »

Why Are Assistant Managers Suing Wawa in New Jersey?

Photo of a frustrated businesswoman in the office

Did you know that in order to be exempt from overtime pay, you must not spend a significant portion of your work time on nonmanagerial duties? This is an issue that has haunted companies like Chipotle, which was sued over… Read More »

Why Is a Former New Jersey College Deputy Police Chief Suing?

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As a campus police officer at Stevens Institute of Technology, a British immigrant managed to work his way up to the position of deputy police chief. However, after a year of conflict with his police chief, the man was terminated…. Read More »

Why Is Home Depot Being Sued by Terror Attack Victims?

Photo of memorial candles

On October 31, 2017, a man drove a truck onto a bike trail in Manhattan, plowing into bicyclists and runners along a one mile stretch. After crashing downtown, the driver of the truck was arrested, and it was later discovered… Read More »

Is Safety a High Priority for NJ Transit?

Photo of Train Derailment Hauling Corn

New Jersey Transit is the third largest transportation agency in the country, so when something goes wrong, it’s a big deal. For the past few years, NJ Transit has been neck-deep in scandals, lawsuits and safety violations. Now a former… Read More »

Alarming Malpractice: Are You Safe While You’re Under Anesthesia?

Photo of two surgeons doing surgery

Have you ever had surgery? Have you ever wondered what goes on once you have been put under anesthesia? Many Americans put faith in their doctors that once they are under, their doctor will take care of them and protect… Read More »

Is the Takata Airbag Defect Still Hurting Consumers?


Have you heard of the Takata airbag recall? If not, here are some facts you need to know. It’s the largest automotive recall in history affecting a wide array of automakers from Acura to Tesla, and the results of this… Read More »