Does This Popular App Encourage Selfies While Driving?

We can explain possible compensation for a distracted driving accident.

Several car accidents have been caused by people using SnapChat while driving. Specifically, these drivers were using SnapChat’s speed filter.

SnapChat’s speed filter records how fast users are travelling while taking selfies. If you were to snap a photo of yourself at 110 miles per hour, it would share your speed and the photo to friends.

Some of the accidents involving drivers using the speed filter occurred at speeds greater than 100 miles per hour. In Florida, a young couple slammed into minivan carrying a mother and her two children. The mother and her children died, as did the couple who caused the accident. An investigation revealed the couple had used SnapChat’s speed filter at the time of the accident.

Another accident involved an 18-year-old woman travelling 113 miles per hour. She slammed into a small sedan, causing its driver to suffer a severe traumatic brain injury. It turns out she was also using the speed filter. The injured driver has filed a lawsuit against SnapChat.

Why Does SnapChat’s Speed Filter Exist?

SnapChat does discourage users from using the speed filter while driving. Its disclaimer says “please do not snap and drive.” It is possible that people could use the speed filter to snap selfies while riding as a passenger in a car or train, or while walking. However, it is clear some people are still tempted to use this feature to snap selfies at high speeds to show off to friends.

Those who want the filter banned claim there is no reason for this feature to exist, other than to encourage users to take selfies while travelling at high speeds. Some people may use other social media platforms while driving, but most do not have features that record how fast you are travelling.

Even if a few people are using this filter while driving, it does put many other people at risk. Recent history shows the filter can have deadly or life-altering consequences for innocent people.

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