What Civil Remedies Are Available for a Drunk Driving Case?

We explain DUI accident compensation

There is a difference between criminal prosecution and civil prosecution when it comes to a drunk driving case. The attorneys at the Keefe law firm represent people on the civil side of things. They pursue claims for injured clients against a drunk driver. Find out more in this video how insurance companies come into play and what can happen if a person passes away in an accident due to a drunk driver. Contact civil attorney John Gregory for more information on drunk driving cases.

Video Transcription:

Sometimes a drunk driver may actually avoid being convicted of a drunk driving offense for one reason or another. That doesn’t change the fact that that drunk driver still may have been operating negligently. There is a criminal prosecution and then there is the civil prosecution, and again we represent people on the civil side of things. Our burden of proof is different than in a criminal arena again, so even if there is an exoneration of a drunk driver through a technicality or something like that we still pursue claims for our injured clients against a drunk driver. And a drunk drivers insurance company after a person has unfortunately passed away as a result of an accident like a motor vehicle accident or truck accident, or construction accident, whatever the case may be there is an estate that represents it, stands in the shoes of the person who’s passed away, and typically that estate is represented usually by a close family member. It doesn’t have to be but it usually is that person who is serving on behalf of the estate, usually is the person that retains us to represent the estate and again usually it’s a close family member. Here at the Keefe law firm we stand for you. Call now to get the help you need at (866) 575-5000. Visit us at Keefe-LawFirm.com