Encore Orthopedics Recalls

Encore was also a part of the 2001 recall of St. Gobain Desmarquest manufactured zirconia ceramic femoral heads. In 2004, Encore Orthopedics initiated a recall due to labels being switched on two of its products, Foundation Knee System, and 3DKnee System. The 3D Knee System products were labeled as Foundation Knee Systems and the Foundation Knee Systems were labeled as 3D Knee Systems.

In 2008, Encore Orthopedics recalled its Foundation Knee System Tibial Fixed Impactor component. The reason for the recall is that the company began to receive reports from surgeons that the Nitronic 60 screw on the Tibial Fixed Impactor was fracturing during surgery. Encore initiated another recall in 2008 on its 3DKNEE Tibial Insert Trial, a device used in surgery to determine the right size of 3DKnee component to implant. The Tibial Insert Trial was being incorrectly marked for thickness.

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