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Andres Mejer
Andres Mejer
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Immigration attorney Andres Mejer was born in Santiago, Chile, as was his mother. His father is from Rosario, Argentina. Thus, he grew up in a Spanish-speaking home. Over his life, Andres has moved many times between several different countries. He has lived twice in Chile, twice in Israel and in the U.S. two different times. He came to the U.S. as a child not speaking English. He moved to Israel as an adult not speaking Hebrew. He also left his family and returned to the U.S. from Israel alone to finish college.

According to Andres: “If there is a mistake an immigrant can make, then my family has made it at least once.”

He became a speaker, author and an immigration attorney to help others avoid the same mistakes. If you have an immigration challenge—from applying for legal status to dealing with criminal charges that could affect your status—then go to www.andresmejerlaw.com and request a free copy of our book. Education is your best defense!

Education and Personal Life

Andres Mejer graduated from Rutgers University in New Brunswick. He then went on to Brooklyn Law School, where he met his wife and obtained his law degree.

Andres and his wife have two beautiful kids and live in Long Branch, New Jersey. He is a Commissioner of the Long Branch Housing Authority and a member of the Board on the Monmouth Family Health Center.