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At Keefe Law Firm, we are privileged to have of counsel to our firm one of the most highly regarded mediators in New Jersey. Retired Judge John E. Keefe, Sr. has gained nationwide recognition for his arbitration and mediation work. He uses his experience to settle disputes in a wide range of practice areas and works to help both sides of a dispute reach settlement agreements out of court. Arbitration and/or mediation services can save everyone time and money, but it takes an experienced third party to facilitate these types of negotiations. Judge Keefe’s experience on the bench and as an attorney allows him to handle a wide variety of cases with equanimity and objectivity.

Nationally Recognized and Respected New Jersey Mediator 

Our association with Judge Keefe allows Keefe Law Firm to maintain one of the top mediation practices in New Jersey. His experience and dedication to mediation and arbitration means that he is prepared to help find out-of-court solutions in virtually any civil matter.

Judge John E. Keefe, Sr. had a judicial career spanning nearly 25 years before becoming counsel to our law firm in 2001. He took this position after retiring as a Presiding Judge of the Appellate Division of the New Jersey Superior Court, where he served for thirteen years. Before that position, he served as Presiding Judge of the General Equity Part of the NJ Superior Court. He also supervised and administered a pilot project involving statewide asbestos litigation during that time.

Prior to his appointment, Judge Keefe was a civil trial attorney whose practice encompassed medical malpractice, product liability and insurance. In addition to his judicial service, Judge Keefe has been a frequent lecturer at the Institute for Continuing Legal Education, the New Jersey State Bar Association, and the New Jersey Association for Justice (NJAJ). He also co-authored New Jersey Products Liability & Toxic Tort Law, which is published by Gann Law Books.


Equitable Services for Both Plaintiffs and Defendants

Judge Keefe has an unequaled reputation for fair, even-handed advocacy with both plaintiffs and defendants. He mediates a variety of legal matters, including:

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