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Woman suffering from hand painLast week, victims of defective Artelon Spacer implants achieved a huge victory, when a Pennsylvania Court of Common Pleas judge decided that all cases involving the faulty Artelon Spacers should be treated as a mass tort.

On April 12, 2011, Judge Moss approved a request made by plaintiffs’ counsel to coordinate these defective implant cases. The announcement comes as a relief for patients who have experienced problems with the defective Artelon Spacer implants.

With the streamlined process of the mass tort program, the court has recognized that the claims of these patients must be expedited within the justice system. Now, complaints will be handled as one unified program and managed by Pennsylvania’s Complex Litigation Center.

Potential victims of the faulty Artelon implants should know that a mass tort is not the same as a class action lawsuit. Class actions can consist of hundreds or thousands of faceless plaintiffs, resulting in impersonal treatment.

A lawsuit designated as mass tort is anything but impersonal. Individuals who have experienced problems with defective Artelon Spacers are encouraged to retain counsel to represent their particular case. Each claim should receive individual legal consideration and attention. Plaintiffs benefit from mass tort designation because it makes the settlement and legal process quicker, less expensive, and more efficient.

Artelon CMC Spacer

The Artelon CMC Spacer was developed by Artimplant AB and marketed by Small Bone Innovations, Inc. In 2007, the Food and Drug Administration approved the device for use in the United States.

The device was intended to treat early and mid-stage osteoarthritis that occurs in the carpometacarpal thumb joint. Osteoarthritis causes the cartilage to breakdown until the thumb joint can no longer provide cushioning for the bones. The Artelon CMC Spacer is supposed to provide a substitute cushion.

The implant only requires outpatient surgery. Doctors place a T-shaped plastic gauze near the base of the thumb at the wrist joint, where the first carpometacarpal joint is located. The spacer is “interpositional,” meaning that it goes between the trapezium bone and the first metacarpal bone.

Artelon CMC Spacer Failures

Artimplant AB and Small Bone Innovations, Inc., claim that the spacer is biocompatible and degradable. They contend that the device offers joint stability, faster recovery, and less pain.

Unfortunately, the manufacturer’s claims have not been born out over the last few years. The FDA has received numerous adverse event reports related to defective Artelon CMC Spacers. Moreover, recent medical studies have shown that the Artelon CMC Spacer is failing at a high rate.

On many occasions, patients have had to undergo painful revision surgeries to have the defective Artelon implant removed. Patients complain of inflammation and swelling. Other symptoms include:

  • Shooting or burning pain
  • Inflammation
  • Swelling
  • Limited range of motion with hand
  • Thumb has become misshapen

Some patients have even reported that the Artelon Spacer breaks apart while in the hand, requiring immediate secondary surgery. In many cases, these additional procedures require the surgeon to remove tendons from other areas of the body in order to repair the thumb joint. Still other patients have experienced permanently misshapen thumbs as a result of the faulty Artelon Spacer.

Free Consultation with Experienced Artelon Spacer Attorney

If you or a loved one has suffered from pain, inflammation, limited range of motion, swelling, or if your thumb has become misshapen, please do not hesitate to contact us. If you have experienced any of these side effects or had to undergo painful revision surgeries, you may have a valid Artelon CMC Spacer lawsuit.

All consultations are free. You should not have to suffer alone. Our attorneys help patients who suffer from defective Artelon Spacers or other faulty implants. Call today Toll Free at (866) 575-5000 to set up an appointment to meet with an experienced Artelon CMC Spacer attorney.

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