Defective Crib Recalls and Child Injuries

New Jersey Product Liability Lawyers for Personal Injury Lawsuits

Newborn baby in hospital room. New born child in wooden co-sleeper crib. Infant sleeping in bedside bassinet. Safe co-sleeping in a bed side cot. Little boy taking a nap under knitted blanket.Manufacturers of products, especially those meant for children, have a duty to perform all necessary tests and research to ensure that an item is safe for its intended use. Baby cribs, for example, should keep small children safe while they sleep. However, crib defects can lead to serious child injuries or even wrongful death.

If your family is suffering from the effects of a child injury caused by a defective crib, our product liability lawyers may be able to help. In the past, we have helped clients injured by product defects in Stork Craft and Fisher Price cribs. We know industry safety standards and can help you hold negligent manufacturing companies accountable for the injuries they cause. In addition, we understand the devastation of any accident involving a child, which is why we offer reduced contingency fees for all child injury cases.

What Injuries Can Be Caused by Defective Cribs?

Almost all product defects result from negligence by the company responsible for the design, manufacture or labeling of an item. Most commonly, crib defects result from an error in the overall design, which may make the sides, posts or accessories dangerous to children. However, sometimes manufacturing defects, like mistakes or the use of dangerous substances, also lead to product recalls. The most common crib defects include:

  • Drop down side defects. Many cribs, including those recalled by Stork Craft and Fischer Price, have sides that parents can lower to reach the child more easily. However, defects can keep these sides from staying up on their own. Children are then at risk from falling out of the crib. Additionally, some drop down sides may separate from the rest of the crib, creating a dangerous gap.
  • Crib post defects. Some crib designs feature decorative posts on all four corners. However, a blanket may become wrapped around one of these posts, creating a strangulation hazard.
  • Defective materials. Manufacturing negligence can sometimes result in the inclusion of toxic substances in plastic cribs. Poisoning and crib collapse can result from this kind of defect.
  • Crib bumper defects. Sometimes, cribs have pads that line the outer edge to prevent a child from hitting the wood or plastic sides. However, these bumpers have been the subject of several product recalls due to a defect that can cause suffocation.
  • Defective crib mattresses. A mattress must fit snuggling into a crib. Otherwise, a child may become trapped between the mattress and the side of the crib.

Free Consultation with New Jersey Product Liability Lawyers on Child Injury Claims

If a defective crib caused injuries to your child, our New Jersey product liability lawyers may be able to help. We have the resources and experience necessary to investigate a defective product case and get your child the compensation he or she deserves. Product defect lawsuits can also help encourage product recalls, which protect other families from crib injuries.

We know how precious your children are, which is why we offer reduced contingency fees for all child injury cases. Contact our law firm online or call our offices in Red Bank, New Brunswick or Newark to schedule a free initial consultation.