How Do I File an Essure Lawsuit in New Jersey?

Product Liability Lawyers Explain Essure Litigation

NJ Attorneys Explain How to File an Essure Lawsuit.Essure is a birth control implant marketed by Bayer Healthcare, which claims that the device is the only nonsurgical, permanent birth control option. The implants are small, flexible metal coils which a doctor inserts in the fallopian tubes. This encourages new tissue growth around the device, effectively blocking the fallopian tubes and preventing pregnancy. However, these medical devices have been linked to serious complications for many women, including pain, infection and, in some cases, wrongful death. Since Essure implants are meant to be permanent, removal requires a surgical procedure. If you experienced negative complications, required surgical removal or lost a loved one due to fatal side effects, then you may be able to recover compensation for your medical bills and other damages through an Essure lawsuit.

The New Jersey product liability lawyers at Keefe Law Firm are currently investigating Essure claims. If you or a loved one experienced complications, then we can investigate your injuries to determine if Bayer Healthcare may be liable for your pain, medical bills and other damages. We can also assist you in joining the ongoing multidistrict litigation (MDL), if applicable. Schedule a free, no obligation consultation with an Essure lawyer at one of our offices today to learn about your rights and legal options.

What are the Possible Essure Side Effects?

Although marketed as safe and hassle-free, the Essure coil implants can cause severe complications in some women. Potential product defects in the design and manufacture, such as the inclusion of nickel, may result in injuries and symptoms that require additional treatment or invasive surgical procedures. Possible Essure complications include:

  • Chronic pain. Essure implants can cause ongoing pelvic pain, especially if the device breaks due to product defects. Device breakage creates jagged pieces of wire, which can embed too far into the surrounding tissue.
  • Autoimmune disorders. The materials used in the implants may trigger autoimmune disorders, such as lupus. Symptoms may include chronic fatigue and joint pain.
  • Infection. Complications during or after implantation may result in infection, causing pain, uterine scarring and possibly death.
  • Rash and other allergic reactions. Essure implants contain nickel, a common allergen. This may cause pelvic pain and rashes throughout the body, as small amounts of nickel may enter the bloodstream.
  • Device migration. In some cases, the metal coils may move out of place and embed in other tissue. This can cause severe pain and other complications, as well as the failure to prevent pregnancy.
  • Perforation of the uterus and other organs. In some cases, the devices may pierce through the fallopian tubes, uterus and surrounding organs. This usually requires emergency surgery.
  • Unintended pregnancy. In some cases, Essure fails to prevent pregnancy. However, the implants increase the risk of miscarriage and other pregnancy complications. Additionally, Essure may increase the risk of ectopic pregnancy, in which fertilization occurs outside the uterus. This kind of pregnancy always results in the loss of the fetus and can cause fatal injuries to the mother, such as organ rupture.
  • Other symptoms may include abdominal bloating, hair loss, back pain, migraines and menstrual cycles of abnormal length and severity.

Has There Been an Essure Birth Control Recall?

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) investigated complaints of dangerous and potentially fatal side effects of Essure. Thus, in 2016, the FDA ordered a new clinical study to determine if the implants contain dangerous product defects. However, as yet, there has been no Essure birth control recall.

While Essure remains on the market and continues to yield profits for Bayer Healthcare, the FDA does consider it a Class III device, indicating a high risk of complications. Additionally, per the FDA, Essure must include a black box warning to inform doctors and patients about potential side effects. This kind of warning is used only to indicate severe and life-threatening complications.

Even though neither Bayer Healthcare nor the FDA issued an Essure recall, injury victims and their families may still be able to file lawsuits for implant side effects and injuries.

Can I File an Essure Lawsuit If I Experienced Complications in NJ?

If you believe you may be experiencing Essure complications, then consult a doctor as soon as possible. Negative side effects of implantation often require additional treatment and possibly hospitalization. Although Essure removal is possible, it necessitates a surgical procedure. In some cases, a complete hysterectomy may be necessary to prevent infection, necrosis and/or death. Autoimmune disorders and allergic reactions may require ongoing treatment and therapies. These procedures can result in missed work and expensive medical bills, placing a serious economic burden on victims and families.

However, you may be able to recover compensation for these costs and other damages through an Essure lawsuit. The manufacturer could be liable for product defects and the failure to warn patients and doctors about the potential side effects. Depending on the circumstances, you may be eligible to join the ongoing Essure multidistrict litigation, which includes over 900 individual claims thus far.

The New Jersey product liability lawyers at Keefe Law Firm can review your case and explain your legal options. If you have grounds for a lawsuit, then we can represent your interests to help ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

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