Mold in Contigo Water Bottle Mouthpiece

Have you found mold growing in the mouthpiece of your Contigo brand water bottle? Attorneys at the Keefe Law Firm are ready to speak with you TODAY.

Mold in Contigo Water Bottle MouthpieceParents across the United States are concerned about the mold they are finding in the mouth pieces of various Contigo brand water bottles. An alleged defective design in the mouthpieces of certain Contigo brand bottles, marketed for sale to both adults and children, makes it practically impossible to properly clean certain areas of the mouthpieces on those products. As a result, mold begins to grow within a short period of time of consumers beginning to use those Contigo brand products.

Keefe Law Firm believes that the accumulation of mold in these Contigo products may pose a public health and safety risk to everyone who uses those products, including young children. Contigo brand models that are believed to be defective include AUTOSPOUT Straw Gizmo Flip, AUTOSPOUT Straw Gizmo Sip, AUTOSPOUT Straw Striker, and the larger Ashland water bottle. It is possible that other models are also designed with the same or similar defects.

If you have found mold growing in the mouthpiece of your Contigo bottle, you may be entitled to compensation. Contact the skilled defective product lawyers at the Keefe Law Firm today via phone call, or by filling out the form on this page.