GT’s Living Foods “Enlightened Kombucha” & Its Alcohol Content

GT’S Living Foods Kombucha Products Advertised And Sold As “Non-Alcoholic”, Yet Above the Legal Limit

GT's Living Foods Kombucha Alcohol Content Over Legal LimitsGT’s Living Foods has sold millions of bottles of its Enlightened Kombucha products as “non-alcoholic beverages.” However, those beverages contain alcohol in quantities that vastly exceed the legal limit for non-alcoholic beverages, which is set at 0.5% alcohol-by-volume (“ABV”). Independent testing of those beverages has confirmed that those beverages may contain 18 to 442 percent more alcohol than the legal limit allows. Shockingly, this is not the first time GT’s Living Foods has been caught selling beverage above the legal limit to be considered “non alcoholic.”

Also of great concern, GT’s Living Foods understates the sugar content of its Enlightened Kombucha beverages on its products’ labels, leading consumers to believe that the beverages are healthier than they actually are. Independent testing has also proven that GT’s Living Foods’ Enlightened Kombucha contains 15% more sugar than is listed on the beverages’ labels. To be expected, the undeclared higher sugar content of the Enlightened Kombucha beverages contributes to the continued fermentation of the beverages after bottling, which causes the alcohol content to ultimately exceed the 0.5% ABV limit set for non-alcoholic beverages.

Attorneys at Keefe Law Firm believe that this undisclosed alcohol content poses a health risk to children, recovering alcoholics, and those who for many reasons are not supposed to consume alcohol.

Have you purchased GT Living Foods’ Kombucha products for yourself or your underage children not realizing that these products contain greater than 0.5% alcohol-by volume? You may have a legal claim. Call the attorneys at the Keefe Law Firm today to discuss your options.