Boating and Ferry Accidents

Photo of a grounded ferryAt the Keefe Law Firm, team members are standing by ready to help watercraft accident victims and their families get the maximum settlement possible. Experienced injury and accident attorneys are ready to aggressively represent the injured parties, whether that defense requires a trial or skilled out-of-court mediation.

Operator negligence followed closely by inattention, reckless navigation, operating watercraft under the influence of alcohol or drugs, poorly maintained vessels, speed of travel are the leading cause of boating accidents in both commercial and recreational vessels. These factors and the resulting consequences of these actions often lead to watercraft capsizing, passengers being thrown from the vessel, or worse; collision with another vessel. Passengers are often injured by flying debris, whiplash, broken bones, burns, exhaustion, dehydration, fluid aspiration, or worse.

Obtaining an attorney quickly is the best legal advice injury victims may take. Legal assistance can help victims obtain a proper investigation into the cause of the accident. Only a thorough, trusted investigative expert should examine evidence of marine incidence. In the eyes of the court, only qualified individuals may analyze evidence and give a professional and court accepted determination as to the culpability of allegedly negligent watercraft operators. The experienced attorneys at Keefe Law Firm are able to dispatch court recognized expert investigators in order to compile evidence such as photos or witness statements.

When a transport ferry is involved in an accident, such as the recent Sea Streak Ferry crash into Pier 11 in lower Manhattan on January 9, 2013, multiple parties are often found negligent or cost cutting measures, compromising the safety of the vessel are squarely at issue.

Ferry accidents are a rare occurrence. However, the results of such accidents affect victims and their families for a lifetime and stain history books with their infamy. Those involved in watercraft accidents should rightfully be compensated for their pain, suffering, and mental anguish.

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