Slip and Fall Lawyers

Premises Liability – Fall Down Injuries

Yellow sign that alerts for wet floor in airport.Injuries caused on other’s property from trips or slips and falls are often premises liability accidents. Property owners have a duty to maintain their property; if they fail and someone is injured, they may be liable. Usually these accidents happen in parking lots or shopping centers, but they can also occur on sidewalks or in stairwells. Premises liability injuries resulting from slips, trips and falls can cause lifelong pain and suffering or even be fatal. Our New Jersey slip & fall accident attorneys fight to protect victims’ rights and obtain insurance recovery for the negligence of the property owner.

Causes of Slip & Fall Accidents in NJ

Slips and falls can result in injuries as minor as a couple bumps and bruises or as major as spinal cord injuries or premature death. Unfortunately, some victims brush off their injuries as minor and either never file a claim or tell the insurance company “it was nothing.” Yet, as time passes, the extent of the injury will manifest and “nothing” turns into something that requires treatment. Contact Keefe Law Firm for more information on slip and falls or to speak with an experienced personal injury lawyer.

Choose an Experienced Slip and Fall Attorney

Do not waive your rights to treatment and compensation for pain and suffering and do not make statements to the insurance representative before speaking with one of our experienced New Jersey personal injury attorneys. We can work on your behalf to obtain the financial damages you need and deserve. Our New Jersey slip & fall accident lawyers will work hard to obtain compensation for the liability insurance of the negligent property owner. Contact us today about your slip-and-fall accident. We will provide an honest evaluation of your case and explain all your options and alternatives.