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Is Safety a High Priority for NJ Transit?

New Jersey Transit is the third largest transportation agency in the country, so when something goes wrong, it’s a big deal. For the past few years, NJ Transit has been neck-deep in scandals, lawsuits and safety violations. Now a former member of the agency’s compliance staff is speaking out, and what he has to say isn’t flattering. Does NJ Transit…
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Hoboken Train Accident has Regulators Worried About Sleep Apnea

A federal investigation has discovered sleep apnea may have played a role in the Hoboken train accident. According to findings from the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), the train’s engineer was diagnosed with sleep apnea after the fatal September crash. People with sleep apnea experience interruptions in breathing while sleeping. This causes someone with the condition to wake up several…
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How to Check on Family and Friends Near the Hoboken Train Crash

You have likely heard by now that a major crash in Hoboken, New Jersey has injured 75 people after a transit train slammed through a station during rush-hour. One person has died and others were taken to nearby hospitals with critical injuries. No details on the cause of the crash are known at this time, but witnesses describe the train…
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