Choice Home Warranty Class Action Lawsuit

The Keefe Law Firm is Currently Gathering Legal Complaints Against Choice Home Warranty and Other Home Warranty Service Contract Providers in a Class Action Suit

Choice Home Warranty LawsuitIn general, a home warranty like one provided by Choice Home Warranty is a service contract that is advertised to be meant to reduce the costs to homeowners for repair or replacement of certain home systems, for example, heating or central air, and appliances, for example, refrigerators or dish washers. When homeowners enter into these contracts with companies including Choice Home Warranty, they believe, should a home system or appliance stop working properly, the home warranty company will send a qualified contractor to repair it, or pay for its replacement.

Choice Home Warranty and Other Home Warranty Companies Receiving Complaints for Deceptive Practices

Companies that provide home warranties include, but are not limited to: Choice Home
Warranty, Home Sure Services, Inc.; HMS National, Inc., Select Home Warranty, American Home Shield, First Home American Home Buyers, Old Republic Home Protection, Cross County Home Services, Fidelity National Home Warranty, AFC Home Club, America’s Preferred Home Warranty, Inc., Complete Protection, HSA Home Warranty, and Home Warranty of America.

Unfortunately, many customers of Choice Home Warranty and the other aforementioned providers have discovered that the generous coverage descriptions in their contracts are far from the harsh realities of their experiences with their home warranty companies. These customers have had claims denied by Choice Home Warranty or their other home warranty company based upon non-existent pre-existing conditions or lack of maintenance records – even when there was never any maintenance, or the customer recently purchased the home. Others have had their claims denied even when the warranty company-approved contractor recommended covered repairs.

Join the Class Action Lawsuit Against Choice Home Warranty

Moreover, Choice Home Warranty and some other home warranty companies have attempted to punish their customers by forcing them into onerous arbitrations, or severely restricting or prohibiting their rights to full compensation and damages.

The Keefe Law Firm is currently investigating Choice Home Warranty, other home warranty companies and their practices. Recently, we won a New Jersey Supreme Court Appeal against Home Warranty Administrator, a Florida company that sold a Choice Home Warranty to our client. We are currently coordinating with other individuals around the country to organize a larger class action claim against Choice Home Warranty and other providers. We are actively representing individuals from states including but not limited to Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, South Carolina, Texas and Washington in regard to their claims. If you believe your home warranty company wrongfully denied a claim, we would like to speak to you.